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Confidentiality and Ethics

Security of your manuscript, data, and intellectual property

LetPub maintains strict protocols to protect the confidentiality of your source materials for all projects. Every member of the LetPub team has signed a legally binding confidentiality agreement forbidding the disclosure of any information—including personal information and the contents of the manuscript—to any third party. If any information is disclosed by LetPub editors to any third party, we will take appropriate legal action.

LetPub’s role in promoting publication ethics

LetPub is fully committed to following best practices and supporting our authors in their own commitment to publish ethically through both author education and an optimized editorial screening process. We advocate ethical publication practices and are an official member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). As a member of COPE, we adhere to the COPE Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers when working with a partner publisher.

Review our full LetPub Ethical Publishing Guidelines

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