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Letpub, Scientific Editing Services, Manuscript Editing Service

About Us

Letpub, Scientific Editing Services, Manuscript Editing Service | The LetPub Brand

LetPub is the flagship editorial services brand of Boston-based Accdon LLC. LetPub specializes in editorial services for the scholarly publishing community and provides research communications services, such as a scientific illustration, graphical and video abstracts, and plain language summaries.

LetPub leverages a US-based staff with hundreds of editorial experts across diverse academic disciplines. Our clients trust this team to align their paper with the norms and expectations of the competitive scholarly publishing environment. Our success in turning manuscript drafts into published papers is reflected in LetPub’s loyal, growing client base across the globe. LetPub clients have published tens of thousands of papers in leading journals and they rely on us to provide full-spectrum support for diverse publishing needs. With LetPub you will receive prompt support from either our Massachusetts- or Shanghai-based client teams, as well as expert editorial management of your project and meticulously reviewed deliverables.

LetPub continues to partner with journals and publishers worldwide to expedite quality editorial services for authors, and we provide a suite of free author resources, including educational materials on the Learning Nexus and our popular Journal Selector Tool.

Letpub, Scientific Editing Services, Manuscript Editing Service | Our Team

Subject-matter experts
LetPub’s extensive editorial team offers unmatched expertise gained from long-term experience in top research institutions and the scholarly publishing industry.
Your manuscript will always be matched with a field-specific native English-speaking Ph.D. or M.D.-level publication expert to ensure your ideas are communicated clearly, accurately, and meet the highest writing standards of top-tier academic journals.
We value quality, commitment, and security. Your work will remain confidential. We protect our integrity and your trust in us by adhering to COPE guidelines. We provide editorial certification only once the process is complete, and we maintain a database of all certificates for verification.
US-based editorial office
Headquartered outside of Boston, MA, LetPub’s full-scale US-based editorial team is comprised of talented PhD researchers and publishing professionals with strong ties to the research community.
The US-based staff provides rigorous editorial oversight and ensures exceptionally high standards for all LetPub services.
Additionally, the team utilizes its institutional knowledge to produce excellent content and author resources through the Learning Nexus, LetPub’s comprehensive author education portal.
Innovative graphic design team
LetPub’s innovative and creative design team provides professional illustration and animation to set your research apart from others.
Comprised of an extensive team of editors, illustrators, and animators with over a decade of combined experience in scientific design, our team works closely with each author to create an aesthetically powerful yet accurate depiction of their scientific research.
LetPub’s innovative design team can communicate your scientific discovery through a journal cover design, graphical abstract, video abstract, or custom scientific illustration.

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